About ZenPhoto Uploader

ZenPhoto Uploader is a small application that is useful for uploading massive photo albums to a zenphoto site. Using the zenphoto web interface for uploading hundreds or even thousands of photos is a painfully slow process. As a user you may not have access to ftp to upload them.

I found myself in this position. I had thousands of photos to upload but only access to the zenphoto web form for uploading images. So I went looking for a program that would automate this process and I found zpu; A small python utility to upload photos to your zenphoto site.

Zpu was in rough shape, though it worked well on Linux, and did not work on Windows. I sent in some patches and have now joined with the developer and we now have this sourceforge page.

I hope that someone else finds this program as useful as I have.

11 Jan 2009 - Peter Gill